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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of photography do you offer? Tosha specializes in beauty and fashion photography including but not limited to ad campaigns, product lay flats, designer lookbooks, & more. If the service is not listed please feel free to contact Tosha using the form above.

What other types of services do you offer?  Additional services include website design, content marketing + research, brand identity assistance

Who do you work with? Tosha primarily works with fashion and beauty cosmetic brands that recognize craftsmanship, dedication, and authenticity.

Where do you work? Tosha currently resides in Casper, Wyoming - however, she is available for work nationwide. Tosha's rates are lower than most advertising photographers because of her ability to maintain a low overhead - permits and fees are most often not necessary VS larger metro areas. 

Why should I hire you? Tosha's approach is a consultative approach to determine if you would make a great fit before even working together. She aligns her values to her work and isn't shy to refer you to someone who may be better suited for your brand if she feels its not an ideal working relationship. At the core of Tosha Blackburn Photography, her goal is to ensure a great working relationship that starts with a branding analysis to first & foremost determine how she can best assist you, and secondly, create your ideal marketing materials exclusively tailored to your audience. 

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